You seem tense


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Let’s take a break with a funny story. I know it’s a funny story because it gets tons of laughs. I tell it at parties, I tell it to strangers on the train, and it always gets laughs. Continue reading


The Fallacy of Boats


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The temperature here is set to reach a hundred degrees by the end of the week, and we’re the lucky ones. In some parts of the country, it’s too hot for airplanes to fly. On days like this my dad used to throw us in the truck and head out to the lake, his scratched-up driftboat in the bed and us with our thighs stuck to the hot vinyl seats in the front. I remember being so small, kneeling in the curved belly of the boat while my father rowed, one eye on the sky for July thunderstorms. “Sit still, mae-mae,” he’d remind me. “Don’t rock the boat.” Continue reading