No, not Christmas. Look, I barely celebrate a winter holiday, although I do love sparkly lights and food. So in a sense you could say I celebrate all winter holidays. But when I say the most wonderful time of the year, I mean it literally: standard time.

And it’s not even the “fall back” mnemonic, although that extra hour of sleep is great. You know what it is? It’s getting back on the time system that was literally developed with human circadian rhythms in mind. Sure, people vary between night owls and early birds. Yes, “morning people” are a thing (and I’m most assuredly not one of them). But everyone finds it easier to wake up when it’s light, and go to sleep when it’s dark, by however slim a margin.

Daylight Saving Time fucks with all that. Sorry, did you need to be awake in the morning? It’s not light till 7. Do you have to go to bed so you can, again, get up in the morning? It’s light until 11.

I can hear you saying “but what about after I get home from work I want it to be light when I get home” and yet, it is still not light when you get home from work an hour “earlier” and–I don’t know if you’ve noticed this–it’s a little cold to mow your lawn or barbecue. (And if it’s not, you’re close enough to the equator that it’s light when you get home from work, so your opinion is still, like, just your opinion, mannnn.)

And don’t get me started on how it’s “necessary because of the industrial revolution.” If you wanna let a bunch of robber barons dictate how you live your life, I guess that’s up to you, but I prefer a time system that makes sense on a more biological level. Time is arbitrary anyway, so why would you pick the thing that makes it harder on you? Because a billionaire told you to? Have you listened to yourself?

Look: You don’t miss DST. You miss summer. And that sucks for you, and I’m sorry and I hope you have a daylight bulb in at least one lamp in your house. But that’s not a reason to make summer even worse, or to mess with winter (which is obviously the Best Season but that’s also just an opinion, a thing we can disagree on that is not the basic rights of human beings). There would be exactly the same amount of daylight in summer if DST fucked off forever, and there will be exactly the same minimal amount of light in delicious dark winter whether you fuck with your clock or not. So give it a rest and let ME–and everyone else who can’t sleep when it’s light out–rest.

Standard Time, all the time.