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This morning’s WOD was a very mixed bag for me.  This has been my first class term back doing aerial since I gave in and decided to rehab my shoulder this year, and last Friday’s aerial class hurt… a lot.  I felt everything twinge in the warmup, and, silly me, just went ahead and pushed on through the class.  End result: extremely tired and unhappy left shoulder and arm.

So that’s slowing me down this week.. .but not so much that I didn’t PR my deadlift today.  335 pounds (152kg)!!!!  Of course, then I ended up rowing instead of doing the WOD because I didn’t have the shoulder stability for TGUs, wall balls just hurt (not in the good way, either), and my whole arm twinged every time I hit the extended point of my kip for pullups… but I got 1800 points in the Fish Game on the stupid rower, so… go me? 

I’ll be making an appointment today to get some bodywork done this week and see how much damage I did.  Hopefully I can finish out the aerial term.  Actually, I just looked at the calendar, and this week is the LAST class.  I’ll finish the term out one way or the other, and then I have until 6 January to rest my shoulder and do my PT exercises more virtuously than I have been.

In knitting news, it looks like the beaded thing will be finished, and hopefully the hat that will be shipped with it, in plenty of time.  The other three hats can’t even start until Beaded Thing is done, though, cause it has their needle.  I REFUSE TO BUY MORE NEEDLES A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  Oh.  I have a whole week?  I got this.