I never learn.  Every year I think to myself (usually shortly after Thanksgiving as I’m logging out of my annual ThinkGeek buying orgy) that I have everything done, and only two little things to knit, and it’s five weeks to Christmas or Solstice or 12th Night or whatever holiday the recipient celebrates…

And every year, right around December 10, I find myself… buying yarn.  Adding to the queue.  WHY?!?!!?  I have somehow gone from one project to five in two days and math says there’s no WAY I’m gonna finish this all and anyway the socks, I haven’t touched those, and I forgot the stitch count for this shawl and oh, wait what? You have two unprocessed fleeces that you want me to turn into the cowl thingy from Catching Fire (and I haven’t seen it and I am not going to and no, I didn’t watch the first movie either and I don’t care to)?  Sure!  Me and my lanolin allergies will get right ON that.

Did I mention I have bronchitis and I’m on a really exciting cocktail of drugs and I went to the gym today for the first time in a week even though I couldn’t breathe and the WOD was Death By 10 Meters?

I’d better start knitting.