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The trouble with my family is that we all have birthdays in a 3 month span.  Which happens to contain a few lesser-known holidays like “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” and “New Year’s” and “(C)Han(n)uk(k)a(h)” which I almost wrote in Hebrew because that is a lot of Anglicization going on right there and I’m not even vaguely sure how many of those letters are valid.

So anyway, My family just craps out kids for the holidays.  And so do my friends.  Baby P is due to chestburst this weekend.  On my sister’s birthday.  So my Christmas knitting always gets pushed back to after the birthday knitting.  No fears, though.  I only have one pair of socks, an afghan, a scarflet and a Naughty Thing left to knit.  And one of the socks is half done, so it’s not even a whole pair of socks to go.  I can do eet!

In the meantime, I did this:

Scarf for my sister, who doesn’t read my blog so it’s totally safe to post this before her birthday!




That? is a really nice slipped-stitch edge, if I do say so myself.  Usually I accidentally slip one of the stitches the wrong way, and then I can’t fix it because my brain doesn’t wrap around how to ladder back on the edge.  (I totally did that on a sweater for my best friend.  She hasn’t noticed yet.  Shhhhh)


And that right there is the finished scarf.  Have I mentioned yet how much I hate scarves?  In the bottom inch of that photo, you can see every part of the scarf that I knit that gave me any joy at all.  And yet.  I still had to knit everything else in the picture.  Out of Tosh Merino Light in Robin Red Breast, which like all Tosh awesome colourways, is not available right now unless your LYS has some in the back which never happens because tosh, amirite? and yes, it’s lovely yarn, but oh god, Scarves, I hate you so much.  This scarf was brought to you by Netflix, Waking the Dead (Netflix, get the other five seasons or I will find where you live and pee on it), and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.


And it’s a lovely thing.  Pattern is Knick.  While there are no purls, there sure are a lot of s1wyif’s which take just as much time… But the finished effect is so very clever and reversible.  My sister is very much into “manly scarves, no lace” and this should suit her to a nicety.

And then there’s Baby P.  One of the coaches at the box is having his first baby.  He’s over the moon about it, and he’s going to be such a great dad, and they have a lumbering Newfoundland that will adore the baby, and I have been super duper sick for every single one of the baby shower things that’s happened so far (and I am not such a terrible person as to infect a pregnant woman with bronchitis, especially when her husband can clean and jerk me).  So after effing up Baby F’s baby surprise jacket (more on that later, including a terribly clever little fix from Tinks & Frogs) I cast on for another with understandable trepidation… and of course it came out fine.  I have no idea what the yarn is, since I left the ball band at home, but I can tell you it’s only good for jackets and stripey socks.  The hat I started went into the frog pile almost immediately.  The pooling was beyond hideous.

The jacket, on the other hand…



Is lovely.  Dropped off the package this morning when I went in for the WOD.  Confirmed that I can just come in for half a WOD tomorrow (we’re maxing back squats, and I want to, and I already missed front squats this week, but I also have aerial rope class in the evening and I’m not in shape fro two workouts in a day).  Fingers crossed they like it, the weather’s certainly cold enough to drag out the handknits!

And yes, the flu has officially turned into bronchitis, and I have an inhaler, and a pile of codeine and steroids.  We shall see how this goes.  I lost my voice again yesterday and it’s not back yet, and this is after I started medicating.  Sigh.  W(h)ine.