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So, NaNo seems to be mostly a fail.  My partner is… not writing at all, and then I had the flu for a solid week and a half.  Seriously, I don’t miss work all that much and I spent an entire week on the couch.  Which would be restful if The Boss didn’t call me every day to talk for (I timed it) 9.5 hours, 7.5 hours, and 8 hours.  A day.  Also he’s fond of calling me to tell me he’ll call in 20 minutes.  So I didn’t get to actually rest or sleep.  Which may have extended the time I was sick….

Around Day 4, the insomnia started to kick in, because I hadn’t been to the gym for my hit of endorphins.  ALSO not awesome.  Especially when you have the flu and you really need to sleep and then you can’t.

Let’s see… what else…

oh yeah.

So here I am back at work, really excited for the short Thanksgiving week, when this happens:

ME: You know how you always tell me not to open things with my mouth because I’ll chip a tooth
ME: Is our dental on the same card as health?
THE BOY: yes

So, I can’t get in to the dentist until tomorrow morning, but it’s only a small chip and they didn’t seem worried.  I think they’ll probably grind it smooth, splash some sealant on and call it good.  SIGH.

But in TOTALLY other news, because all my current knitting is for family members, I got to TOTALLY break my stash diet and go buy yarn for a totally different project: the ten stitch blanket.  In a GLORIOUS rainbow color.  For a friend, and if it’s not done by Christmas, well, his birthday is early in the year and he doesn’t know I’m knitting it, so it could go either way 🙂