Trigger warning: SPIDERS

So, last night I had this really really vivid dream.  Spiders are actually just tangential to this dream.  And I’d like to go on record saying I like spiders.  I really do.  I handle them, I pick them up and put them outside, I’m not a spider squasher or a freaker outer.


My friend the Crazy Artist (y’all should check her shit OUT, ok? It’s amazing) has sort of perpetual car/no car fu.  In my dream, she was in a No Car state, and we had an extra one, even if it was kinda junky, so we loaned it to her.  But then our not-junky car broke down and we had to borrow the junky car back, but something was wrong with the transmission so we ended up parking it mostly in a bush because we had to pull over RIGHT THEN.  Because transmission, amiright?  Anyway, so I had to kinda shove the door of the car open (it was a white VW diesel Rabbit, if that matters to you) and get out and push my way through this bush to get out.  And, uh… the bush?





so many spiders.  And they got in my hair and one had a couple legs in my MOUTH and they went down my back and mostly it was just the left side of my torso but it was covered in spiders oh god you guys that was a lot of spiders and I didn’t know if any were poisonous and I couldn’t just BRUSH at them what if they bit me or what if they squooshed on me cause some were tiny?

Well, I woke up while I was still trying to get that figured out, and there was no adrenaline rush from a nightmare or anything, because really, it was kinda distressing but not THAT big a deal, except of course I was worried about brown recluses and black widows.

I told The Boy this on the way in to work this morning, and he looked at me and said, matter-of-factly “I’d use an air compressor.  Gets ’em right off ya.”

I knew I married him for a reason.