5:15 is really early.

It’s so early that the 5:15 crew at our box is pretty damn well established.  We know who’s coming on what day.  To the point where when someone misses a day they’ll get a “where’s your name” text with a picture like this:


As you can see, there are practically no names on this board.

So when someone new shows up, it makes quite a splash.

C— is our designated greeter.  Nobody can dislike C—.  She’s incredibly sweet and has this totally enthusiastic sense of wonder, ALWAYS.

C— wasn’t here today. 

Instead, we had a new girl.  It was incredibly confusing.  And at 5:15 none of us are awake enough to process “new? should say hi. introduce self.”

So she set up her bar, and we worked through our first set (3RM hang snatches) and she’d done the fundamentals, but this was basically her first set of snatches EVER, so it was a good thing Mike was coaching today.  He’s a super technical Oly lifter, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE lifting with him, because he can tweak the one thing you’re doing that’s holding you back….

Right around the point I hit my max (85 lbs today. I could feel myself being stronger than that but I could also feel the bad shoulder start protesting and the LAST thing I need to do, coming into the winter class season for aerial, is jack up my shoulder) I figured out how to say hello.  And also she had the bar I wanted for the metcon, so there’s that.

Metcon:7 rounds, 30 seconds hang snatches, 30 seconds burpees, 1min rest.

So I offered to split a bar with her (which totally works as long as I do burpees first) and we said hi, and we got through what was actually a very nice WOD to end a week of heavy HEAVY squats with…

And then she asked me how long I’d been doing this.  And I said “two years” and she said… oh wow.  And we talked a little about how much fun she’s been having with the free weights, and how much better this seems than the bootcamp she tried before, which was just too impersonally big… and… and at some point it occurred to me that she was hanging on my every word. 

it was so. weird.

Which I guess is ironic considering I’m sitting here writing and throwing words into the internet for everyone to see and assuming they’ll be read… but…

While I’m sure there must have been other times that people in my life looked up to me – I’ve taught, for one thing – this is the first time it was at all obvious to me that it was happening.  I can see how this would get addictive.  But anyway.  It’s gonna be awesome seeing her come along, and have fun, and I hope she enjoys our crew as much as I do.  We got off to a slow start today, but wait’ll M— and C— and H— are there one of these days. (Also today might have been kinda intimidating, all our really heavy lifters were there and she was pulling 35# after watching L— snatch 120#.)