Unpopular opinion: I don’t care if normal never comes back.


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It’s been barely over a week since the U.S.A. started taking COVID-19 seriously, and already my social media feeds are full of “when do we get back to normal.” Y’all, I hope we never do. Normal was killing us. It was killing the planet. I hope it’s gone for good. Continue reading



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It’s spring, which means my seasonal depression is in full force. Whee. And like most springs, I went out and bought a bunch of plants, because nothing says “this will cure my depression” like watching fucking plants die.
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The unfathomable white supremacy of a tater tot hotdish recipe


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I just want to open this post by saying that I love hotdish. It’s not a part of my heritage, really, being a tiny bit lapsed Catholic via some sperm and a whole lot lapsed who-knows-what Protestant by way of an egg, but I honestly adore it. Hotdish, or casserole to those of you not from the Midwest, is basically some sort of carb bound by some sort of dairy with an additional brothlike liquid and probably some meat in. Lasagna is a hotdish, if you get down to it. Hotdish is what you take to potlucks and picnics, funerals and football games. Continue reading



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CW: disordered eating. No, seriously, I am not joking around with this. Take care of yourself. Don’t get competitive with people who are not. (I’m ok. Just a lot of feels waiting for you in this post.) Continue reading

Yes, Virginia, there is a Year Zero

For no reason that I can discern, it’s become very popular to use a ridiculous “the new millennium doesn’t start until 2001” argument to say that the ’20s don’t start until 2021. Aside from the fact that is it really necessary for you to be wrong on the internet to feel superior most of these arguments depend on a “there is no year zero, so obviously stuff doesn’t start until 1” fallacy. Continue reading